Welcome to the Beverley Anglo-French Society

We are a group of people based in Beverley and the surrounding area whose aim is to promote the French language and culture and spend time with others who share our enthusiasm. Within the Society members share information on positive experiences from their visits to France including recommendations for accommodation and restaurants. We welcome all people who share our interests in enjoying the French language and culture.

What we do

We offer a programme of 10 monthly meetings from September to June. A majority of events are illustrated talks delivered in French by French speakers, the speakers being organised through the Alliance Fran├žaise to whom we are affiliated. Wine and cheese are served at our first and informal meeting of the Season. Also included in the annual Programme a film and a dinner.


The 2020/2021 membership fee is £25. Guests are welcome to attend individual meetings for which a fee of £3 is charged. If a guest wishes to join the Society after attending an event, they will be very welcome and the guest fee will be deducted from their membership fee.

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